The Weight of Snow: New & Selected PoemsThe Weight of Snow: New & Selected Poems by B.L. Bruce
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A wonderful book that praises the beauty of nature in harmony with the soul of a poet. Reading “The Weight of Snow” was an emotionally and intellectually rewarding experience. I lived several years in the United States and know English reasonably well, but I have not seen, for instance, all the flowers, trees and birds mentioned in the book. Then I did a first reading at a, let’s say, general meaning level, trying to connect to the feelings expressed on each poem; then I proceeded to a second reading, finding the images for each living creature (English word -> scientific name -> image) I was not familiar with, trying to connect to the images projected by the poetry. I enjoyed both readings and found many lines that are full of meaning in an universal sense, shared by most human beings. I would include among these: “[…] the wisdom of endings – the songs of the river silenced, snow-veiled trees unmoving – the heaviness of nothing.” from “ENDINGS” or “[…] wishing there were more ways to stay what moments we no longer keep.” from “INDIAN SUMMER.” I loved all the beautiful poems contained in this book and wish Ms. Bruce writes many others!

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